yard of Xinming Science and Technology Food Co.,Ltd

Guangdong Xinming Science and Technology Food Co.,Ltd locates in Block 4, Dagang Jiao Industrial Park, Chun Cheng Town,Yanng Chun, Guangdong province. We are specializing in producing frozen seafood products.

Xinming invests one hundred and eighty million RMB (around 30 million USD) to build a modern frozen seafood products factory which covers an area of 60,000 square meter. We have not only the comfortable working environment and sanitary enclosed workshops which are built according to European/American standard, but also possess the state-of-art processing equipment, well-equiped laboratory. Other than the strong hardware, we as well pay great efforts in building a professional management team, a group of well-educated research personnel and a group of skillful workers.

Xinming Science and Technology Food Co.,Ltd. is a branch company of Guangdong Xin Jin Yuan Investment Co.,Ltd, and it is the leading seafood products enterprise in Yangjiang city. Our business includes frozen seafood products processing, fish feed, fish can, frozen seafood, aquatic product breeding, research and development on food processing and aquatic product breeding techniques. It is the very first company specializing in processing the seafood products in Yangchun City, and the very first one to obtain the certifications of HACCP, IS09001:2008,IS014001:2004, BAP, ACC,Global Trust among the local seafood enterprises.

sanitary enclosed workshop built according to EU and USA standard

Taking advantages of the ideal natural environment for seafood products, Xinming Science and Technology Food Co.,Ltd. is growing steadily under the support of local government, and we have obtained the awards of "Member of China Aquatic Product Circulation and Processing Association", " Member of Guangdong Shipper's Association", " Guangdong Famous Brand", " Member of Guangzhou Fishery Association", " Member of Guangdong Credit Seminar" etc...

Xinming has lay a solid foundation for the development of frozen seafood products processing. In the future, it will walk hand in hand with the reputed domestic Academy to jointly research for a better fish feed and better fry. It is Xinming's responsibility to bring more healthy, more nutritious and more delicious frozen seafood to society. Xinming will always remember that it is not only selling the frozen seafood products, but also offering health to every consumer. It will never put down its guard on the safety problems and will be always pursuiting the target of "better,healthier" frozen seafood products.


frozen tilapia filet
Frozen Tilapia fillet
It is available in 2/3 , 3/4 , 3/5 , 4/5 , 5/7 and 7/UP ounces.
entire frozen tilapia
Entire tilapia
It is available in 150/250 , 250/350 , 350/450 , 450/550/UP grams.
entire frozen red drum
Red Drum
It is available in 2/3 , 3/4 , 3/5 , 4/5 , 5/7 and 7/UP ounces.
frozen prawns

Available in sizes 26/30 , 31/40 , 41/50 , 51/60 , 91/110 , etc.

Our frozen seafood products includes Entire Frozen Tilapia, Frozen Tilapia Fillet, Entire Frozen Red Drum, Frozen Red Drum Fillet, Frozen Seabass Fillet, Entire Frozen Sparus latus, Frozen Golden Pomfret. All of our frozen seafood products are made from the fish which are cultivated in the pollution-free reservoir.