Frozen Seafood Products

The Frozen Prawns can be offered with/without shells or head or tail. Every piece of our frozen prawns are made from the prwans which are cultivated in the pollution-free reservoir. We feed the prawns with the feed made from our own feed factory, and thus we are able to keep strict control to the growth and health of our seafood products.

frozen prawns

Frozen Prawns

Frozen Prawns are available at 26/30, 31/40, 41/50, 51/60, 91/110 grams.
With or without shell; with or without head and tail;
Without intestine;
Store the frozen prawns under -18°C;

Packing: IQF(Individual Quick Frozen), Vacuum Packing, 15kgs/ctn or designated by client.

Other Frozen seafood

our certificates for frozen seafood products

We have many other frozen seafood products.

We will acquire more certificates for our frozen seafood products. Please follow our Blog for more and up-to-date news of our company and our frozen seafood products.