Frozen Seafood Products

Our frozen tilapia fillet can be lightly or deeply skinned to demonstrate different colors. You have our commitment that every piece of frozen tilapia fillet is 100% safe and healthy. All of our frozen seafood products have acquired the international certificates such as HACCP, BAP, GLOBAL TRUST etc...

deep skinned frozen tilapia fillet

Frozen Tilapia Fillet (Oreochromis niloticus)

Frozen Tilapia Fillet are available at 2/3, 3/5, 5/7, 7/9 and 9/up ounces per piece.
With or without skin; can be shallow skinned or deep skinned;
Without viscera and bones;
Store the frozen tilapia fillet under -18°C;

Packing: IQF(Individual Quick Frozen), Vacuum Packing, 15kgs/ctn or designated by client.

Other Frozen seafood

our certificates for frozen seafood products

We have many other frozen seafood products.

We will acquire more certificates for our frozen seafood products. Please follow our Blog for more and up-to-date news of our company and our frozen seafood products.