frozen tilapia fillet
Frozen Tilapia Fillet
It is available in 2/3 , 3/4 , 3/5 , 4/5 , 5/7 and 7/UP ounces.
entire frozen tilapia
Entire Frozen Tilapia
It is available in 150/250 , 250/350 , 350/450 , 450/550/UP grams.
entire frozen red drum
Frozen Red Drum
It is available in 2/3 , 3/4 , 3/5 , 4/5 , 5/7 and 7/UP ounces.
frozen prawns
Frozen Prawns

Available in sizes 26/30 , 31/40 , 41/50 , 51/60 , 91/110 , etc.


certificates for frozen seafood products

Our frozen seafood products have passed many national and international certificates which can be objectively revealing our concerns on our quality and our responsibility to the consumers.


reservoir to cultivate fish for frozen seafood products

We cultivate the fry in an environment which offer all the best to our future frozen seafood products.

Founded in June, 2008, Guangdong Xinming Science and Technology Food Co.,Ltd, which is a branch company of Guangdong Xinjinyuan Investment Co.,Ltd, is a professional and reliable manufacturer for seafood feed and can production, frozen seafood products such as tilapia, tilapia fillet, red drum fillet, squid etc.